A word from the coordinator

Dear partners,

It is with great pleasure and hope that I welcome you to this website of the Regional Observatory of the West African Coast (ORLOA). The Observatory is in its design phase with the current feasibility study, which takes into account its extension to twelve countries: from Mauritania to Benin (MOLOA area), to which is added Sao Tome and Principe.

This site is, among other things, a space for sharing on the process of setting up the ORLOA and for disseminating information on monitoring coastal risks in West Africa, in particular in the “News” section. . The “Mission” and “Organization” sections provide information on our areas of intervention and the methods which govern them, while “Publications” and “Media library” can make it possible to monitor the nature of coastal risks in West Africa and the mechanisms for protection deployed by public authorities, including at local level. Through this and through the various initiatives underway, we hope to contribute to strengthening the resilience of West African communities in the face of climate change.

Together we will get there!
———————————————————- ————————
Dr Moussa SALL,
MOLOA regional cell coordinator
Environmental assessment and risk management program
Ecological Monitoring Center

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