The main objective of MOLOA is to strengthen the capacities of West African societies to prevent and respond to coastal risks, particularly induced by climate change and the increasing social and economic challenges in coastal territories.

Development, management, maintenance and updating of the RGLAO (Geographical Referential of the West African Coast), the main initial elements of which are made up

  1. by the regional mapping of SDLAO at 1: 500,000;
  2. by the data from the SDLAO case studies, which characterize reference situations on several risk sites on the West African coast; as well as the RAMPAO MPA database, insofar as the data collected and managed within this framework will effectively document and monitor the sentinel role of MPAs.

Pooling and integration of data and knowledge on the West African coast, standardization of data collection protocols allowing in the long term the interoperability of the data collected on a national scale and the regional consolidation of the information collected.

Contribution to the strengthening of regional and international coordination of national and international research activities on the coast, with a view to ensuring their usefulness, visibility, credibility and increased recognition. Maintenance of a regional database of research projects and activities would also be the responsibility of MOLOA.

  • Contribute to the presentation, explanation and awareness of decision-makers regarding natural and anthropogenic phenomena affecting the evolution and state of the coast.
  • Produce and animate a prospective reflection analyzing and anticipating changes and evolutions of coastal systems, considered as a decision aid in terms of risk prevention at local, national and regional levels.
  • Restore the information and knowledge available to decision-makers, actors and users of West African coasts
  • Provide action-oriented products and services to inform public action decisions and arbitrations in the area of ​​coastal protection, planning and management.
  • Network the coastal actors.
  • Disseminate and restore the information and up-to-date knowledge available on the coast to the various stakeholders in its management, governmental and non-governmental.

In particular, the mission will make available to coastal stakeholders and experts conducting studies, all relevant and available documentation and data, in a usable form.

An appropriate form and rate of dissemination may be established according to the target audiences and users of coastal information identified.