Regional unit

WACOM regional coordination

The regional coordination unit is the executing agency of WACOM. It was created in February 2013, within the Ecological Monitoring Center (CSE), in accordance with the declaration of the Ministers of the environment of Dakar of May 18, 2011, which consecrates the establishment of this instrument of sub-regional cooperation, following validation of the SDLAO results.

As such, it can, within the framework of its mission, develop a partnership and cooperation mechanisms with national, sub-regional, international, technical or financial institutions.

Its mission is set out in the CSE / UEMOA Convention of 05 November 2012 and includes, among others, the following activities:

– Acquisition, management and updating of data on the West African coast;

– Restitution of information and knowledge available on the coast;

– The supply of action-oriented products and services;

– The establishment of national branches and a network of coastal actors;

– Contributing to raising awareness among decision-makers;

The regional coordination cell of WACOM is under the governance of the bodies set up by UEMOA within the framework of the Regional Program for Coastal Erosion Control (PRLEC): the regional committees (orientation and scientific) composed of representatives of different partner states.

It is represented within each State by a national antenna made up of different institutions, NGOs and communities working in the coastal area.